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Let US be your FIRST CHOICE for all your basic pest control and home services. We all know that pests in your home can be annoying and embarrassing.  With                                           as your Registered Pest Control Company you can rest assure that your home will be taken care of and be a safe environment for you, your children and your pets.

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Rats and Mice
Spiders & Scorpions
Bed bugs
Hornets and Wasps
Ticks and Fleas

When it comes to pest control, there are really two major categories:

General Pest Control:

General Pest Control is categorized as pests that are usually a nuisance and are invading your living areas especially kitchens and bathrooms. We are only 1 call away and the solution is usually affordable. So with us as your
FIRST CHOICE in Pest Control, we specialise in the eradication and elimination of a wide range of household pests such as ants, cockroaches, termites, rats, mice, ticks and fleas, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, dust mites, wasps, hornets, worms, weevils, maggots, fishmoths, parktown prawns,  scorpions and spiders. Our trained experts can also assist in bird control in and around your property.

Wood Destroying Insects:

Most people don't think about Wood Destroying Insects until they start seeing mud forming mounds in and around their home. If Wood Destroying Insects are found, such as termites or carpenter bees, it can get costly and labour intensive. If you suspect Wood Destroying Insects (such as Subterranean termites in your house or Harvester Termites in your lawn), do not waste time, contact a
1st Choice Pest Control professional soon.

Pest Control Problems?

If you currently have a pest problem,
1st Choice Pest Control will deal with it quickly, efficiently and professionally. We are servicing the greater Johannesburg area, which includes East Rand, West Rand, Johannesburg, Johannesburg South, Northern Suburbs and Vaal Triangle. We currently offer a wide variety of pest control solutions to meet all of your pest control needs including: Cockroaches , Hornets and wasps, Ant control, Ticks and Fleas, Rodent Control, Various other household pests, Termites Control and Extermination.
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