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Bird Proofing and Exclusion

                                                  assists in the harmless eviction and control of pest birds on all types of houses and small buildings.  We handle the eviction of pigeons, Indian Mynahs and sparrows from your building …. And then make sure that they don’t come back!

Prior to installation of the proofing methods, we first clean and disinfect the building or areas where the birds are roosting in order to kill the parasites and diseases carried by the birds. Different methods of proofing or exclusions are applicable to different situations and these are installed to keep the birds away.
With 8 years’ experience – you can rest assured that our installations and products are fully guaranteed.

Methods of Exclusions

Bird Netting
Oh no! I’ll have to go…
Bird Spikes
Roof Sealing Barrier
To prevent birds accessing roof spaces under the tiles....

Galvanised mesh is inserted into the gaps between the tiles and the wall. A sealing reacting chemical is then injected into the mesh, which expands and fills the void and adheres to the walls and tiles. The birds cannot peck it out to gain access. After expansion, the excess is trimmed off and painted black to give the shadow effect.
Bird Repellent Gel

Bird repellent gel is a gel for rafters and steel support structures, lights, pipes etc.

For use in factories, warehouses and homes. Bird repellent gel has the appearance of a bead of silicone rubber but it does not dry or harden, it remains tacky and when the birds land and get a little on their feet, they take fright and leave.

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