What are the most common cockroaches we have in South Africa?
We cockroaches just love to eat the food and leftovers you leave in your kitchen at night. We also love to crawl over your toothbrush when you are not looking! And the best part is we come into your house by hitchhiking on grocery boxes, furniture, and we even just walk in through your backdoor and we don’t even knock. Oh yes, I also forgot that some of us even live in your sewerage drain. Depending on our species we can lay between 150 and 500 eggs in our life time so we make sure we will plague your kitchen at night. Our eggs also take between 28 to 60 days to hatch so it will take more than 1 treatment to get rid of us.

So whatever you do, please don’t call First Choice Pest Control as they WILL get rid of us!
What happens when a cockroach sees a                                           Operator?

Why is it absolutely vital that you eradicate cockroaches?  Is it just because they are dirty creatures that are one of those night-time nasties that
plague your kitchen at night?

No!  Cockroaches are not only dirty but they carry diseases that could be life threatening.

What are the diseases and the sicknesses they carry?

•  Polio
•  Typhoid
•  Dysentery
•  Gastroenteritis
•  Asthma

What do they eat?  Cockroaches don’t just feed on decaying food matter but they feed on faeces, starchy and sugary foods, grease and meat,
hair, leather, paper, wallpaper, and even on the toothpaste remains on your toothbrushes! 

How do they breed?  Cockroaches have 3 phases of metamorphosis:  Egg, nymph and the adult stage. The incubation period for eggs is 3 to 4
weeks and 1 female cockroach can lay up to 2400 eggs in her lifetime!  Her whole lifespan can range from 10 months to 2 years.  Imagine how
many cockroaches you can have running around in your house if you don’t eradicate them soon enough!

How do I eliminate cockroaches?  Due to their hardiness, resilient nature, and quick reproduction, cockroaches are very difficult to eradicate and
if you try to eliminate them yourself it could be a lengthy and ineffective and more expensive process.  Your BEST CHOICE will be to contact
                                                  to handle your extermination of cockroaches. We find that the most effective treatment is a 3 prong attack in 2
different treatments, 30 days apart.

1.  We apply a residual spray in and around all nooks, cracks and crannies! I.e. Along skirting boards, and behind and between fridges
      and gaps.  This is a repellent.
2.  We then use gel bait which is applied with a syringe and placed in areas infested with cockroaches. In kitchen cupboards, near the
      coffee maker, on the floor by the stove and on the wall behind the sink.  Within 8 hours of touching or eating the bait, the
      cockroaches will usually die.  This is an attractant.
3.  Lastly, we use a space spray fumigant which is used to knock down cockroaches from their hiding places. This is a repellent.  They
      then run around and walk over the residual spray and eat the gel bait… and die!
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Why should we do a repeat treatment after 3 to 4 weeks? ONE female alone produces about 4 to 8 egg capsules which contain up to 40 eggs in each capsule which equates to up to 320 eggs every month!  Due to the strength of the capsule, none of the 3 prong attacks work on the egg capsules so when the eggs hatch after 3 to 4 weeks you then have 1000’s of babies running around. 

I am a very clean person. How do cockroaches get into my house?  Cockroaches are unwelcome hitchhikers!  They come in with your fruit and veggie boxes, or with 2nd hand appliances or furniture.  If you live in multi-family dwellings they come through the ceilings, floors, vents, plumbing and wiring and even walk in through your front door.

And they don’t even ring the doorbell!
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