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Wasps and Hornets
Yellow Jacket Wasp
Paper Wasp
The following table helps describe the basic differences between our hornet group and wasp group:
Wasps can be beneficial insects as they kill an enormous number of other ‘pests' e.g. flies, caterpillars etc. Due to their high-energy needs, wasps also feed on nectar from a variety of flowers and are important pollinators in gardens and orchards.

They do however, act as a pest. When gathering woody material for nest-building, they can chew and damage the timbers of both fences and buildings. They strip the bark of trees causing die-back of branches and young shoots and in late summer they can do significant damage to fruit crops.

Wasps and hornets have a painful sting which they can withdraw and use again and again. A good antidote to the stings is raw ‘Dettol” which is dabbed on the site of the sting.

The point to remember though is that all 'wasps' are useful creatures. The little damage that some may do to crops is minimal payment for the good they do in helping to control spiders and other insects, their own relatives and for helping with crop pollination. Treat them kindly and they won't sting you. They only become defensive when threatened.

If you are concerned though about the invasion of wasps on your property, call                                                  to come to your rescue.
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