General Pest Control = Whatever your pest problem is, we can help you.  In order to effectively eliminate pests such as ants, cockroaches and harvester termites, you will need to do at least 2 treatments.  Due to their hardy nature, it is often necessary to do 3 treatments in order to effectively eliminate harvester termites. We have different options available for the elimination of rats, but rest assured, the option we use will ensure the safety of both yourselves and your pets.  When it comes to subterranean termites, we use the SABS approved method of drill and inject into the foundations of your home, and along with it comes a 5 year guarantee. Contact 1st Choice Pest Control to find out more on our general pest control programme.

Perimeter Pest Program - Most pest problems move from the exterior of your home to the interior. By treating the outside of your home, pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. This should be performed several times during the warmer months of the year.

Protection Plus Plan - Sometimes more is needed than just an exterior application of insecticide. This is when pests are in your home or office. We provide a 90-day service plan where both inside and outside are treated for pests.

We handle Residential and Commercial Properties. We are Certified in General Pest Control Management as well as certain Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms.

Ask us about our Perimeter Pest Program - By treating the outside of your home, Pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. Request a Quote.
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